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Are sore muscles, tension, aches and pains holding you back?


Why A Phoenix?

Sore muscles, tension, aches and pains hold us back and we want relief NOW.

When the Phoenix is applied to troubled areas its powerful vibrating heads penetrate into the deep tissue so you can say goodbye to stiff muscles and sore aching.

If it's after a hard workout or long hard work day the Phoenix experience is like a personal masseuse in your hands. Plus with its lightweight design you can always have your Phoenix charged up and ready on-the-go!

So here's the secret formula...

One Phoenix + four attachments + 3200 strokes per minute = total body relief. So throw away that old foam roller and get your Phoenix TODAY!

Therapy TechTM includes an SSL certificate that uses industry-standard 256-bit encryption technology. This is the same level of encryption used by large banks to keep your information secure.

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